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One of my most frequently used websites was typehere.co which did something very simple. It was a blank canvas where I could type stuff, and it would store the contents locally. I mostly used it as a scratch-pad for quickly taking down notes or typing something while explaining. I’ve used it for the better part of a decade. In Oct 2023, the site is no longer up and running.

I tried to find out why typehere.co was taken down, but I couldn’t find any info about it other than a nine year old reddit post that mentions it, and I’m fairly certain that this post is how I found out about it too. Most of the comments are from when it was first posted, but there are two more recent comments: “the site is gone”, “R.I.P.”.

This makes me feel warm and fuzzy, that a relatively simple site in one corner of the internet was missed by at least three people. My hope is that things I build leaves people feeling the same way, so I decided to reimplement typehere. I know very little about front-end development, so I decided to use ChatGPT. From inception to deployment took around 20 minutes. It was extremely simple.

The typehere.co domain is still taken, so I found the closest available domain: typehere.cc. The source code for typehere.cc is here: squadrick/typehere. If a decade later typehere.cc is also down, I hope typehere lives on.

Thanks to the original authors of typehere.co, your work was very appreciated and is thoroughly missed.

UPDATE (14 April 2024): @shaoruu has created a much nicer version of Typhere: https://typehere.app/.