Squadrick AKA Dheeraj R. Reddy

About Me

I’m Dheeraj, and I commonly use Squadrick as my internet moniker. I’m a computer science graduate, and a Real Programmer.

I like open source software. I used to be a maintainer of TensorFlow Addons, and I contribute to other OSS projects. I occasionally work on a few side projects which you can check out on my GitHub, notably Shadesmar, SummaryDB and Retrograde.

I’m currently working at ThoughtSpot building AI for BI. I was part of my university’s AI Robotics Team, where we worked on building an autonomous car, and won IGVC 2019. I’ve had a few interships over my four years of college, mostly focusing on ML.

I enjoy reading high fantasy and sci-fi books, and playing RPG games.

This is a blog about coding and computers. I’ll be writing about my solutions to unique problems I face. I generally try to avoid writing an article if something similar exists. I also post random thoughts and updates on my feed.

If you’re looking to hire me, here’s my (slightly outdated) résumé.